We provide charity through practical aid, supporting the daily needs of impoverished families. This includes food, medical, and housing provisions.


Through our education and awareness program, we support the needs of several schools and students and spread awareness about the Truth and Hope of Jesus Christ.


Defending religious liberty and freedom from persecution for Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, and highlighting the value of co-existence, freedom of speech, and religious freedom.


Please partner with us in answering the call of our Lord to spread His love and grace, to bring His healing mercy to those in need, and to raise the voices of His children in the birthplace of the faith.


Like the Good Samaritan, Our mission is to save lives from all kinds of persecution, rejection, or neglect and to confirm them in God’s image, the Author of all Goodness. 

Guided by the Spirit of the Lord, and in light of the Gospel, we toil to save the persecuted flock in Lebanon, the greater Middle East, and wherever else that might be. With this, our initial aim is to protect and preserve Christianity and its roots; to restore hope, faith, and love to all the children of Abraham. 

We are not just a charity mission, we aim to protect and promote the body of Christ in its fullness. We are the faithful in action defending religious liberty, protecting human rights, and serving Christians and the vulnerable, and other persecuted religious minorities in Lebanon and other innocent sufferers through awareness and charity. 

We serve based on the two greatest commandments of God: to love God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. 

Lastest Campaigns


Christmas & New Years 2021 Outreach Campaign

This Christmas, the Mission of Hope & Mercy is asking your help in order to raise $300,000. These funds will be used to feed families, provide medicine, and educational along with complete family sponsorships to meet all of their needs and much more.

Raised $10.00
Goal $300,000.00
Donor 1

Charity, Awareness, & Religious Freedom Solidarity Network Campaign

We are inviting you to join us in our newest 3-year-Campaign to raise $5 million. Our goal is to have 22,000 donors at $50/month, one thousand donors per century since our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to save Christian families at Home & Abroad from the tide of religious persecution, slavery, pandemics, abuse and infringements of our rights.

Raised $0
Goal $500,000.00
Donor 0

Feed a Family, Save a Nation 2021

We have successfully concluded this campaign having raised over $150,000. These funds were used to distributed 177 tons of food, 2,452 medications to patients in dire need, provided 170 children with milk that they desperately needed…

Raised $0
Goal $150,000.00
Donor 0
people fed through our food packages
infants and children provided with nourishing milk
medications supplied to patients in dire need
0 %
of donations spent on mission work

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Field Team

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Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope

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    We aim to provide a concrete Hope through our Charity and to educate the world about the gospel of Good News and to safeguard God’s given right of the Freedom to practice Christianity.

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