Colorado Lebanese Festival From Then Until Now: THE SECRET OF THE LEBANESE VALUES of Food, Faith, Family, and Fun

Success upon Success! First, nothing can happen in a Lebanese context, and especially in a Maronite Parish, without Mar Sharbel, the Sign of the Cross, Jesus and Mary, the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Rafka and all the Saints. Literally. The Colorado Lebanese Festival blends these key elements of our Faith with our Food, our Family, and the Fun we have when we all come together. Every year at our Festival, our multi-generational families come together with good friends and grow our Traditions, our generational memories, and our Families. They grow like the Cedars of Lebanon, rooted in the Gospel. Moreover, the Festival allows our Values of Food, Faith, Family, and Fun; and our Cultural Traditions to reach out to our neighbors with a spirit of solidarity, joy, and prosperity, regardless of color, religion, race, culture, language, or politics.

The Festival also shows our great team work as the St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy step forward to assist the Church of St. Rafka with the preparation and announcement of the Colorado Lebanese Festival 2017. Through the Mission, I was able to announce our festival from the pulpits at many area churches and at wider events, like the Western Conservative Summit. Even my little dog, Bella, did her part going out in the mountains, making new friends, and creating opportunities to invite even more people to come to the Colorado Lebanese Festival 2017. Thanks to Gerard Abiassaf and Phillip and Heidi Kyburz, of course!

Saint Rafka Parishioners are from everywhere, and spe

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