Easter and Holy Season Message 2022

My dear friends, donors, benefactors, volunteers and the family of the Mission of Hope and Mercy:


Happy Easter to all! I would also like to wish a happy Passover to our sisters and brothers of the Jewish faith. This time is also a holy time for the Muslim people who are in the midst of Ramadan holy month. May all the people of God in the monotheistic traditions which are all rooted in the faith of Abraham come together for the sake of glorying God, honoring life, faith, family and protecting and promoting religious freedom each according to our peaceful and divinely inspired way. 


My friends, the outcome of sharing the peace of Christ is salvation for our souls and eternal life. We share with you this Easter and holy season, the Good News of the glorious resurrection of Christ. We believe in him and in what he told us in the Gospel of John 11:25:“…!I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;”

My friends, the world is falling deep into darkness, into confusion and into violence. At this Easter and holy season, we mourn, pray for and show compassion and support to the victims of the violence in Eastern Europe in the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine. We must strive to be peace makers, and to avoid escalation of war and we must avoid nuclear tension as a result of the ongoing violence. I invite us to pray that leaders of faith, leaders of nations, society leaders, technology leaders, world influencers and economic powers come back to God, repent, seek forgiveness, and work together for the future of humanity as God would will it for all of us.

Unfortunately, humanity is still battling Covid and the many consequences it brought us. In addition to the Covid attack on our health, faith, society, family and economy, today we hear more rumors and stories of wars, captivity, plagues and hunger.


In the most recent months, our work at the Mission continued to bring concrete
hope to families and refugees in Lebanon. About 4 months ago, we shared our wish list 
with you and our plans for what we’d like to accomplish starting this past Christmas. We asked for your help, and one more time, you responded with great enthusiasm and joy and you showed tremendous support. In fact, we were able to send food to over 3800 families. Over 1,500 children received Christmas gifts and food and in the last 2 months alone another 1,010 families received food. We have also continued to support the elderly and vulnerable children so they would have access to needed medications. Our good work shall continue while the need is growing.


A full report with videos and photos, video messages from local
bishops, pastors and people who we have helped them and their communities is
posted on our website under this LINK. Images speak volumes, we wanted to share
some videos that show the work we have been doing during the last 4 months on
your behalf and because of your support.


Every hundred dollars in our general fund, helps support 2 families. At least 8 to 12 individuals are able to receive food for an entire month.


This past Christmas, we helped a total of 3,800 families. In addition to these big campaigns, on a monthly basis we help 250 families with food and medications.


We also provide school education for orphans, refugees and children in families in need. Currently, we have 227 students in a mountain Catholic school, and we have 350 children who are refugees in Beirut at the Chaldean Eparchy. As you can imagine, your donations are very needed. 


Thank you for listening to God, who moves us in spirit, heart and mind to make such impactful donations. I’m always aware that your donations come through at very crucial times!


My dear friends, God bless you and may God reward you with good health, and lots of blessings. Thank you for your generosity and trust.

For prayers and any spiritual intentions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at info@missionofhopeandmercy.org


You are not expected to do anything in return if you would like me to pray for someone or for a particular intention. I always do it for the love of God and my neighbor. It is my honor and duty of faith, hope, and love to pray for all and for the good intentions of people like yourselves.

This Easter, I have offered my private holy masses for your intentions, for the living and deceased members of your families.

You are now part of our family, and I am delighted to let you know that our family extends across oceans, languages, directions, continents, religions, race, gender and societies to reach all people who are in darkness with the Light of Christ. On your behalf, we have shared with thousands, through food, medication, housing, protection, education and concrete acts of charity, the love of God and love of neighbor.

You have been and are our pillars of hope and mercy and because of you we have become the apostles of hope and mercy to the broken hearted, the hungry, the widows, the orphans, the thirsty, the sick, the imprisoned, the strangers, the lowly, the rejected, the dejected, the isolated and the persecuted. THANK YOU for being the vehicle of great joy to the many who have been dwelling in sadness for a while now.

On their behalf and on behalf of the teams of the Mission of Hope and Mercy, I kindly encourage you to continue to grow your support. This year we would like to reach a minimum of 10,000 families in need. Our ultimate goal is to reach 22,022 families in need. So far, we are still able to sponsor food, basic medication and a limited amount of milk to a family for $50.00 dollars per month. Each one of us can support a family. We would love you to join this Arc of Noah which will save the lives of thousands of families and will secure the future of thousands of children who are in great need of our support and love.

Your donation is a sign of divine grace and providence. At the end of the year or at any other time you specifically request, you will receive an official letter recognizing your donation for your tax records from our accountant.

Every year, and as part of my personal priestly and spiritual commitment to daily life with Christ, I remember you, your family, and all of the intentions of our donors, benefactors, friends, volunteers and the people we serve at every holy Mass I offer.

May almighty God bless us all, protect us from evil, forgive us our sins, and may God bring us to everlasting life.

-Fr Andre and Mission of Hope and Mercy Family.


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